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We are one of the most successful wholesalers of erotic products in Europe and we distribute our products to clients all over the world. We stand out for our personal closeness and our quality of customer service. In addition to our complete range, this also includes our quality guarantee, great supply capacity and individual advertising media. Since we have many international contacts, intercultural competence and mastering different languages is very important in the distribution of erotic products. Personal contact with our clients requires frankness, empathy and negotiation skills.

We are manufacturers, distributors and direct importers, without intermediary companies. We work with more than 150 leading factories in the world of erotic toys, lingerie and cosmetics. We are manufacturers of erotic toys and intimate cosmetics.

Dreamlove can help you develop your business

You just have to have an idea, we have a department specialized in physical stores where we will advise you so that your objective is met and your business develops in the most successful way. You have at your disposal a warehouse full of erotic items ready to be shipped and if a product is out of stock, you can reserve it or check the "Notify me when in stock" box; Both options allow you to know in real time when a product is manufactured and ready for distribution.

Our goal goes beyond doing a good job. Our goal is to achieve professional excellence. We have researched and developed new programs that contribute to the evolution of your business because we not only offer a competitive price and a quality product, we offer logistics and technology together with a human team.

At Dreamlove there are rates adapted to your business, so it is vital to meet you, visit you and see your project. We support business projects that seek to make a difference in the sector and love innovation and development just like us.


With our wide range we combine trends, product innovation and quality standards. We have everything in stock for you, from core items and specialty products to special extras. In addition to our own brands, we also work with all the main brands in the erotic product sector, some exclusive brands, thus completing our range of best sellers. We sell our products in attractive sales packaging with item descriptions in multiple languages.


We are aware that many of our products reach the most intimate parts of the body. Therefore, the impeccable quality of the products is an essential aspect. Our quality management department works with prestigious laboratories, also guaranteeing the constant supervision and optimization of the products. We guarantee you a variety of independently tested, modern and reliable products. Product functionality is also verified by independent product testers. We provide you with all the information and certificates necessary for the sale of the products.


Dreamlove means in our language: active, restless, dynamic. And it is that since we began our journey in 2007, we have not stopped reinventing ourselves so as not to stop innovating. Thus, we have evolved to be a European benchmark in the erotic toy and specialized lingerie sector.

More than 12,000 standardized references to which must be added hundreds of other references in constant development. Thousands of references that adapt to the needs of your business for a perfect evolution and many possibilities of success.



Orders Delivery in 48-72 hours.

With our wide range we combine trends, product innovation and quality standards. We have everything in stock for you, from core items and specialty products to special extras. In addition to our own brands, we also work with all the main brands in the erotic product sector, some exclusive brands, thus completing our range of best sellers. We sell our products in attractive sales packaging with item descriptions in multiple languages.

Department. Special for Physical Stores.

A team of professionals is willing to listen and help you. You will find exclusive advice, where we can assess what type of business you want to develop and we will help you to focus it in the best way, always looking for the best solution and viability for the future. Dreamlove seeks that you can have a profitable and successful business. A trusted professional team!

Carriage Paid

«We mobilize erotica: in a fast, reliable and flexible way!». Products are supplied to our customers under this premise. For select large companies with palletized orders, we supply in 24/48 hours. But small orders that aren't palletized also typically ship within one business day. Our flexible and highly efficient warehouse logistics is the basis for meeting the diverse requirements of our customers with the usual reliability. We offer shipping conditions totally free with a minimum order of €300.

No minimum orders

At Dreamlove we do not have minimum orders for any sector you work in, you just have to show us that you work in the professional sector of the sale of erotic articles, sending us the corresponding documentation that the commercial department will ask for..

The best prices

We are not just intermediaries or commercial agents, we have all the products that appear in the virtual erotic item catalogue ready to be dispatched immediately and always we are working with the best´s prices and best customer service.

No minimum order Charges

We'll never ask for any initial minimum order but you have to understand that we need to know that you intend to buy on a bulk basis and that your intentions do not entail any malicious purpose.

You can always request the quantity you need and you need to know that if your order exceeds 300 euros of the tax base, we will send it to you for free

Don't wait until you have gathered together a few sales to make a new order from your supplier; with Dreamlove there are no minimum requirements, you can make any kind of order of whatever quantity, however small it might be.

Buy Free

When confirming an order, all orders are rewarded, you will have in your account new credit for the next order.


  • On our website you will find different terms of payment: bank transfer, paypal, credit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery.

We help you

Do you need help for your individual, creative and sustainable advertising?
The shape doesn't matter:

  • Online banner
  • Pamphlets and brochures
  • Display panels
  • Implement your ideas
  • Help with marketing campaigns

And much more

Do you believe in your business?

Dreamlove works with the best team and we can help you, if you believe in your business meet us!


We have the best competitive prices and the best customer services

The treatment provider/customer is essential for us, and of course, we appreciate your loyalty and we know that sometimes we can't have all the products that are manufactured in stock, so if we don't have in stock what you need, we can tell you where to get it, otherwise, we will get it for you.

  • Always the best offers
  • If you need fair prices, we can offer them to you
  • Christmas or valentine's day, special prices
  • If you are working with a new shop, we can make the best offer and best customer service with the bests brands

For us there are three types of fees:

  • Fees for the volume of purchases. Greater discount for a greater volume
  • Fees for sex shops or erotic shops
  • Fees for online shops and Tappersex

The customer, once registered, will see the fee that is active at that time and by its billing growths, we can adapt to the needs of our customers.

We do not want to invest in larger machines capable of eliminating the human trail, but we do like to invest in people who are not perfect, but we do provide employment and, of course, we create a human team that is the essence of Dreamlove.

We have spent a few years working for this sector and we are very concerned about having low prices by offering the same quality in the service and the largest variety. Each day becomes more important to have a personalized service with each client. We are not all equal and that is why we want to fit you.


The Dreamlove concept for the manufacture of erotic articles is the result of the vision and work of a group of people who for 15 years have kept moving, constantly evolving with innovative designs that have won global awards.

We create products that improve people's sexual health and streamline internal processes so that teams become high-performance teams.

Sustainability in the processes and materials we use is an obligation that does not compromise the comfort and ergonomics of our creations.

  • The obsession with improving the well-being and productivity of people is something that has been with us since the beginning of our journey and has brought many teams together.

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