As a responsible company based in Seville, DREAMLOVE has fulfilled numerous social and economic aspects of sustainability for years. To also be ecologically sustainable, we work on the manufacture of both recyclable products and packaging. Therefore, our electronic items are duly registered so that they can be deposited at municipal points and that they can be included in the recycling process.


Our Packaging

Quality Controls to suppliers.

Packaging of recyclable materials.

Lubricants with Natural Ingredients.

Manufacturing with vegan materials.

Sustainability in the company

Sustainable energy

Our energy source is the sun, all our facilities and all the machinery are sustained with renewable energy.

Supporting social projects.

Dreamlove has been awarded the Red Cross award, hiring workers at risk of social exclusion.

Reducing plastic consumption

We have reduced the kilos of plastic used for packaging both in manufacturing processes and in shipments to customers. For us it is essential to contribute to reducing the use of improper plastic.