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Product Importer +  Stock Synchronizer + Automatic Orders to Dreamlove

Why choose the dropShipping plugin
for Dreamlove Woocommerce?

  • At Dreamlove we have the largest catalogue of erotic products and also exclusive brands that will boost e-commerce sales.
  • Dropshipping is a type of sale in which you do not need to have the products in your facilities, but we, at Dreamlove, take care of delivering the merchandise to the end customer. You will "only" have to dedicate your efforts to making your store reach the largest number of potential customers, which is no small thing.
  • Thanks to our Woocommerce Plugin you will have ALL or part, you choose, of our catalogue synchronized in your Woocommerce, always updated and available to your clients so that when they place an order, we will take care of it. ;)
  • Dropshipping is a business model that is becoming increasingly fashionable in electronic commerce and has many advantages. The Dropshipping business model allows you to sell any type of product online.


como funciona el dropshipping

What are the advantages of a Dropshipping Dreamlove?

Having a dropshipping business has many advantages:

  • You don't need to have a warehouse, in this case, we have a 6000m2 automated logistics warehouse located in Seville with about 20,000 erotic items.
  • You don't have to worry about shipping. At Dreamlove we take care of processing the shipment to your end customer, so with this plugin, you will have everything automated and your only objective will be to sell and carry out marketing campaigns.
  • You don't need an office, you can manage your website, orders from your home in a comfortable way.
  • You can get great benefits if you have the Woocommerce Dreamlove Module Plugin and have a modern, agile and attractive website. This way, you will increase your sales and differentiate yourself from your competition.

What do I need to open my Dropshipping?

  • As we have said before, first of all, you need an attractive website according to the erotic articles that you are going to sell.
  • On the other hand, in Dreamlove we offer you a series of tools (modules) so that you can manage everything related to your e-commerce, such as sending orders, dumping references from Dreamlove to your website with a quick updater, creation of different categories, etc. ...

Our Dreamlove Plugin Module has everything included in a single Module; Product Importer, fast stock updater, elimination of discontinued products, automatic orders, etc.

  • With the Woocommerce Dreamlove module, you will always have the updated stock, this will allow you to only sell erotic items that are in stock. It is capable of updating the entire catalogue in approximately one hour.
  • In addition, you can dump the prices, offers and promotions to have more opportunities to sell.

Dump descriptions with images

It will also give you the descriptions with the images of the products that we have in Dreamlove. This will save you the work of making the descriptions of the 20,000 items that you are going to add to your erotic e-commerce site.

In all cases, if you wish, you can change descriptions yourself manually, remove or put photos and add the prices or discounts that you think are more convenient for your e-commerce.

Always your products with updated stock!

You have to take into account the importance of always having the stock of your online Dropshipping sexshop updated. It is an advantage to be able to update it regularly to avoid possible problems of selling an item and that we have run out, this can perfectly cause you to lose an order.

With the Woocommerce Plugin Dreamlove module you can update it quickly and through a single process, for example, every hour. It is very useful, to have at all times all the articles on your online website updated and with real stock.

Automatic orders!

The DreamLove orders module is used so that you can send the orders you receive from your buyers automatically with a single click from your mobile, tablet or PC, from your website to Dreamlove so that they can manage the shipment.

The Dreamlove order module is necessary so that your customers can have the shipment as soon as possible at the address indicated in the order.

You must know that there is no sign of the origin of the shipment in the shipping boxes, in we protect your business's identity. In addition, all shipments are discreet to give your clients the necessary discretion when buying on an erotic website.

How does it work?

Data generation / synchronization

The product portfolio is controlled by your Dreamlove, and a data feed of the products that you have expressly published in your online store will be generated. This feed will be generated up to every 30 minutes and Dreamlove will be in charge of creating and controlling the references to be exported to Woocommerce.

From your Woocommerce store, the data update will be synchronized with the generation timing in Dreamlove. Dreamlove generates a data feed where the families that you want to upload to your Woocommerce with the essential control data are exported. The enriched product data can be added in Woocommerce individually and Dreamlove will respect them according to the update settings you define.

Funcionamiento del plugin

Dreamlove Products to Woocommerce

The base data is configured to be updated in your online store, the enriched data will not be modified by Dreamlove in any case.

The plugin has a category mapping system that will allow you to indicate the origin and destination of each reference to final categories. AND

This allows you to have categories outside Dreamlove and think about your sales model with autonomy from the Dreamlove product classification.

Fields contained in Dreamlove data export to WooCommerce

public_id Reference (field to create products)
available Available for sale
price Price MSRP
vat VAT
title Name of the product+
description Short Description
html_description Long Description
brand Brand
categories All related categories
image We put the preferred one as first
image name  Name of the picture
variant item_group_id Combination reference
variant common_title  Product name if it has combinations
variant var_name_*   Attribute name
variant var_value_*  Attribute value
stock Stock, pcs. global available or stock uncontrolled
var_value_2_hex  RGB hexadecimal color code

Attention, very important!

Dreamlove performs the first free installation with qualified staff. The management of this module will be the responsibility of the client, so they must have trained personnel in Woocommerce. Dreamlove support will be exclusively offered to Woocommerce or qualified personnel.
The products are available with descriptions in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and German.


1.- When is the product synchronization performed?

The number of daily synchronizations is configured in Woocommerce and depends on the power of the server in Woocommerce. The usual thing is to do a night synchronization. Remember that stock and price data syncs are not in strict real-time at this exact moment. At the time of purchase, the customer triggers unique inquiries about each product that he clicks.

2.- How long does it take to configure?

The actual installation time may vary depending on the power of your server. As we have such a wide catalog, we recommend the use of a dedicated hosting for better performance.

3.- Who configures it?

We, the Dreamlove technicians will help you in the Dreamlove part. In Woocommerce, the specialists that you currently have hired must do. If you want it to be the Dreamlove team, we will need the Woocommerce credentials and the configuration may involve associated costs depending on the needs.

4.- How many websites or Woocommerce can I have?

You can have as many as you need. Consult with our commercial technical team.

5.- Can the Woocommerce and Dreamlove websites coexist?

Yes, no problem.

Ready to start selling with Dreamlove?

It's very simple with our Woocommerce plugin. Dreamlove will be your warehouse and your logistics department so that you only have to dedicate yourself to what is important, reach your customers and sell more. Don't miss this opportunity and start selling more and better in your online store.

Buy the module for 239.66€  per year * First Installation included

* The price includes the first free installation in case you need it.
*An annual payment of € 239.66 is processed, renewable annually at the end of the license.


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