Technology & Operations

We offer you the best solution for your business.
Whether it's analog or digital.

Dropshipping service

MWith dropshipping, you can access the entire Dreamlove catalogue without investing in stock. We ship directly to the end customer.

Stock and catalogue synchronisation

Synchronise stock and catalogue in real time with your sales channel.

We handle shipping

When you sell through dropshipping, we handle direct shipping to the end customer.

No Stock Investment

Start your online business without investing in stock or warehouses, and without generating losses due to excess stock.

Time savings

Forget about managing operations. We handle purchasing, storage, order preparation, shipping, negotiating with suppliers and agencies...

Dreamlove is invisible to your customers

You are our customer, and your customer will receive a discreet package with no corporate references to Dreamlove.


Product not working? Try others! It's that easy with dropshipping!


B2B Shop Wholesale Platform

Access more than 12,000 Sexual Wellness Toys and lingerie items with more than 100 brands at the best prices, and start selling them in your online business.

Wholesale platform

An extensive catalogue for dropshipping and wholesale purchases.

Thousands of references

Find over 12,000 specialised and top-selling items including sexual wellness products, lingerie, aphrodisiacs, BDSM items, condoms, couple games, and much more.

Top Brands

More than 200 top brands at your disposal.

Stock in Europe

Large quantities of stock in Europe for quick deliveries.

Volume discount

Access volume discounts and wholesale prices for individual units.

Controlled shipping

Logistics managed by Spain's #1 in e-commerce, with a logistics effectiveness rate of 99.5%.

Are you Ready!

If you've realised that working together is what you need to boost your idea, let us know, and we'll tailor the project to your needs.

Stock and order management

You can manage your orders centrally and update stock in real time across all channels.

Centralised Platform

View and manage all your operations from a single platform.

Real-time stock synchronisation

Our tool updates stock in real time across all your sales channels.

Real-time order integration

Centralise all your orders from any sales channel in a single view.

Automatic order acceptance

With our technology you can auto-accept orders, and Dreamlove will automatically manage and dispatch them.

Shipment status

Centralise shipment tracking for all orders from different channels and carriers in a single view.

Automatic tracking synchronisation

Our technology updates tracking so you don't lose sight of shipments to your customers.

Fulfilment - Competitive shipping rates

We take care of fulfilling your orders. Additionally, you can access our network of transport agencies and offer international shipping at the best prices..

Own warehouses

We manage picking, packing, quality control, and returns management.

Sustainable packaging

We have reduced plastic usage in packaging by 95%.

Returns and reverse logistics

Easily centralise returns management.

E-commerce packaging

We have specific protocols to meet each agency's requirements, as well as solutions to correctly package all types of products and orders to minimise transport incidents

Express Stock

We have a centralised warehouse with thousands of high-rotation products for same-day express shipping. The rest of the merchandise is shipped within 24 hours..

Prep Center Fulfillments

We prepare orders tailored to Fulfilment Centres' requirements (Amazon FBA, Allegro, Zalando, Cdiscount, Veepee, etc.).

International shipping at competitive prices

Access the best prices for your cross-border shipments, thanks to Dreamlove's volume-based and negotiated rates.

Real shipping cost

Know the exact cost of shipping before defining your pricing strategy. Avoid manual configuration of shipping templates.

Smart carrier selection

Improve your shipping times, costs and customer satisfaction.

Real-time shipment tracking

Track your shipments in real time with different carriers. 

Connectors and Integrations

Sell through dropshipping on more than 200 online channels: marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and much more.

Connectors for your business

With our connectors, you can synchronise your business with e-commerce platforms.

Quick publication

Publish your products on major online sales channels in just a few minutes.

Real-time synchronization

With our connectors, you can synchronise catalogue, tracking and orders in real time.

Define a multi-channel and cross-border strategy

Expand and diversify your sales across multiple channels and different countries.

Plugins for Woocommerce, Prestashop and Shopify

You choose the e-commerce platform that best suits your needs and we take care of synchronising our catalogue, stock and orders seamlessly.

Product importer

You can import our entire catalogue or only the products that best suit your sales strategy.

Sync stock

In real time, your customers will always know the availability of each product.

Automatic Orders

All orders placed by your customers will be sent transparently to Dreamlove Central for shipment.

Customise your products

Our tool imports all Dreamlove descriptions and photos. You can customise them to better suit the style and tone of your own online store.

Multi-language products

All products will be imported by default in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and German... Get ready to sell all over Europe.

Flexible categories

Our plugin allows you to map categories from their origin in Dreamlove to the destination category on your website. We adapt to your ecosystem.

Sync with Dreamlove - API

Choose from various options to synchronise your online business with Dreamlove (API, CSV/XML)

Synchronisation options

We offer different options to synchronise Dreamlove with any type of platform.

API integration

Catalogue API, order API, shipping cost API, tracking ID API.

FTP integration or manual download

With CSV/XML files.

So there we have it!

If you've realised that working together is what you need to boost your idea, let us know, and we'll tailor the project to your needs.

Start selling with Dreamlove now

Choose the option that best suits your business model and start selling using Dreamlove's Dropshipping. Contact our sales team for guidance on getting started.

Connectors for Prestashop and Woocommerce

Perfect for clients with a Woocommerce or Prestashop system (soon also Shopify) with a development already completely finished. The price includes technical support for the installation of the plugin installation.

  • 1 Website / 1 domain.
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Automation of sizes and colors.
  • Stock Synchronization.
  • The logistical configuration must be processed by the client.
239,66 €/Year (Vat not incluided )

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